• Lewis Sherlock

    Frontend Developer and Designer

    Hi, I'm Lewis. My passion is to create simple interfaces for complex concepts. My interests include information design, systems, trading, and blockchain. Currently interested in working more with Web3 technologies.

  • Web3 Development

    1 year

  • Full-stack Development

    10 years

  • Design theory and application

    6 years

  • Other Languages

    10 years


Gemini Trading Bot

Client: Private

I built a trading bot to automate trading strategy(s) and remove the human (computing/decision making) from the equation by translating said strategy into business logic and using present and historical data to observe, orient, make decisions and take actions.

DeFi banking DApp

Client: Private

I built a DeFi DApp that uses smart contracts to allow users to deposit ETH and calculate earned interest in the form of a their custom ERC-20 token.

The School of Life — Collaborative Website Redesign

Client: HYD

I collaborated remotely with HYD and their team of developers, project managers and quality assurance staff to develop a large and complex e-commerce website redesign for The School of Life.

Digital document signing mobile app

Client: Private

I built a mobile version of a complex digital signing application for a private client. I used their designs to develop a fully responsive mobile experience.