Hello! I'm Lewis Sherlock. Designer & Developer

I create websites that are engaging, thought-provoking and intuitive. I use the best tools available to develop user experiences that are simplistic, logical and exciting.

The passion I experience everyday for my profession is driven by the opportunity to create value and empower people through a craft that brings me happiness and contentment.

For me work can entail Web Design, Typography, Frontend and Backend Development. I use Photoshop and Inkscape for graphic design, PHP for server-side development, Twig for markup templating, Vanilla JavaScript for Front-end Development, and WordPress or Craft for Content management.

I believe that success is in direct proportion to the number of difficult problems you overcome, taking ownership and responsibility, learning, growing and always being better than the day before.


Media Technology & Web Development

Bachelor of Science with Honours

Upper Second Class

Kingston University London June 2014

Work Experience

Freelancer Designer & Developer
Oct 2013 – Present ljsherlock

Frontend Developer
May – Aug 2014 (3 months) Powwow Creative Ltd

Fullstack PHP/WordPress Developer
Oct 14 – Feb 15 (5 months) Prism Production

Fullstack WordPress Developer
Mar 2015 (1 month) Top Left Design

Frontend Developer
Apr 15 – Jun 16 (1 Year 1 month) Staffcare Ltd

Fullstack PHP Developer
June 2016 (2 weeks) Origin Design

Fullstack WordPress Developer
Jul 16 – Jul 17 (1 year) Redwire Design

Senior Front-end Developer
Oct 2017 – Feb 2018 (Contact) Shelter UK





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