UI Frontend Development

Full-autonomy project: Node/React.js mobile web app using Typescript from UI novel, complex designs.

Two Boys

F3 Architects

Building a sleek, minimal, yet complex design for F3architects, architectual and interior specialists who have recently worked with Tottenham Hotspur as part of the new 62,000 stadiium.

Machine Earth

ReactJS to Desktop App

Take the previously developed Bespoke App for Convention for Machine Earth and compile it into a desktop application for use on Windows 10.

Machine Earth

Bespoke App For Convention

Full-autonomy project: Built a custom Node/React.js app to showcase vehicles in a short time-frame for live exhibition.

Redwire Design


Built bespoke and novel designs with a custom coded WordPress theme and front-end (JS and SASS)

Redwire Design

FPS Piling Specialists

I developed a the bespoke WordPress theme that would make this a reality. It was a very interesting project thanks to our designer, Kiara. 

Redwire Design

Mattison PR

Built a mobile-first custom WordPress theme from a sleek, minimal design with animations and intricate design pieces.

Prism Production

Jamie’s Italian

Front-end and back-end development on this custom, international website built on top of Yii2 framework.

Prism Production

Roots & Bulbs

I built a bespoke WordPress theme with custom templates and front-end to realise the designs of our in-house designer. 

Stone Hair Salon

Stone Hair Salon

Designed and built a bespoke website for Stone Hair with a custom WordPress theme.