16 June 2018

An Insightful Dream

Insights into work ethic

16 June 2018

An Insightful Dream

Insights into work ethic

I went to bed quite early after a very, very long day of working. I finished working around 21:30 and got a salad from The Steak, down the street. I was super tired and super burnt out from working all day from about 6-7am.

I was listening to some RSD Tyler YouTube videos on work ethic and the narrow road to success.

I felt myself falling asleep and turned off the phone….

The Dream

I dreampt that, while walking, I stumbled upon a building on the street that had a clean, black Honda NSX-R, my dream car, on a garage lift and being run and tested or something. Parts of the car had been removed, there were no wheels on it, but I noticed from the rear lights and the spoiler that it was, in fact, a Honda NSX-R. I was s excited (I think I thought I was in Thailand and said “hello, that car is beautiful” in Thai. It turned out the owner was English. He had a build and look a lot like Chris Moyles (grey stubble, chubby and verbally to the point).

I think we talked about the car for a bit and then he told me that he wanted to work for me. The building doubled as both a garage and an web agency office. I was talking to him and he put a voice recorder up to my face to record what I was saying. Really strange.

By the time we was done talking, the car had either been removed or dismantled, because it was gone and the only thing remaining where parts and a miniture version of the car. I asking “where has it gone” and I got no response.

He proceeded to tell me about what they do (videos) and showed me a crazy, edited video of him on a motorbike going around a loop-the-loop track. It was like a rollercoaster.

This morning I was amazed by my ability to imagine a video that was edited in such a modern way and really well. It shows that me sub-conscious mind takes in a lot more than my conscious mind knows about or can even comprehend because the information is so vast and so dense.

I think that my change in diet and the fact that I am now only eating late in the evening greatly affects my dreaming too. Of course this is mainly due to how my body and mind is very tired because I have had a huge meal and my stomach is digesting it, putting my body into a deeper, calmer, more relaxed state.

What can I learn from this?

Firstly, this experience tells me that being completely burnt out and spent by working that hard is very good for me in terms of the latter learning and lessons that my sub-conscious mind obviously processes during sleep and plays around with using dreams (Serotonin).

Making myself that tired has an incredibly powerful affect on the mind, in terms of inner and outer reflection, my body being in a tired enough state to have a very deep sleep and thus dream a lot.

So, to conclude, what I’ve learned from this is that there is another big benefit from working hard, really hard, until you physically and mentally cannot possibly do it anymore. I don’t know what I would call it, but I would describe it as…

“creating the physical and metal state required for my mind to experience a hugely powerful trip during sleep that is both insightful of past events and foresightful to future events.”

This is really game changing. I never thought of this as a benefit to working hard. I only ever thought of the results from the actual work I am doing as the benefits. This really compells me to want to work as hard as this everyday, because this is something that I have never taped into before, and I believe it can be incredibly powerful.